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PLEASE NOTE: Ride schedule and data subject to change during the season. Please check this page regularly for the most up-to-date ride information.

All times listed indicate departure ride location start (e.g. Lake Merritt, BART Station or away location specified).

For more information on ride classfications, visit the About Us page.


IMPORTANT: The ride calendar has been changed for May 9 and May 16. As shown below, we’ll be riding the Dublin Grade route on May 9 and the Dumbarton Route on May 16. This change was made necessary because BART is suspending service between Fruitvale and Coliseum on May 9 to make track repairs.

May 9 – LAKE
Dublin Grade

Light: 31.6 miles | Route Sheet | Interactive Map
Humane: 48.3 miles | Route Sheet | Interactive Map
Intermediate/Advanced: 66.6 miles | Route Sheet | Interactive Map

START: Children’s Fairyland, Oakland
Meet: 8:00 AM
Ride Departs: 8:20 AM

This ride warms up on Doolittle Rd by the Oakland Airport into San Leandro, crosses over Castro Valley via Fairmont and Lake Chabot, then traverses the Dublin Grade (Dublin Canyon Rd). Light riders end in Pleasanton and return via BART. Option riders continue north through San Ramon, Lafayette and Moraga, then ride back over the ridge via Pinehurst.

May 16 – BART

Light: 38.9 miles | Route Sheet | Interactive Map
HIA: 57.2 miles | Route Sheet | Interactive Map

START: Union City BART

Meet: 8:00 AM
Ride Departs: 8:20 AM

Discover a bike-friendly path across the bay via the Dumbarton Bridge bikeway. Once across the bridge, the short loop for Lights and Humane Intermediates roams around Palo Alto before returning to the Dumbarton bridge eastbound back to Union City. The longer loop continues on to Sand Hill Road, then loops around Portola Valley and Los Altos before rejoining the return path of the short loop.

RIDE-AND-DECIDE OPTION: Those who prefer to ride locally may meet at Children’s Fairyland and depart on a decided route at 9:00 AM.

May 23 – BART
Morgan Territory

Light: 29.7 miles | Route Sheet | Interactive Map
HIA: 48.2 miles | Route Sheet | Interactive Map


Meet: 8:00 AM
Ride Departs: 8:20 AM

A ride circling the foothills of Mount Diablo. Ride through Clayton and the ranch country surrounding Marsh Creek Springs, then tackle a challenging but shaded and picturesque climb. Hard work pays off with “the Plunge” on the eastern side of the Black Hills towards Livermore. The ride continues on a counter-clockwise path through Danville and ends at the Walnut Creek BART station. A shorter, less strenuous ride options for Light group begins at Concord BART, rambles through the bike trails of Contra Costa County and ends at Orinda BART.

RIDE-AND-DECIDE OPTION: Those who prefer to ride locally may meet at Children’s Fairyland and depart on a decided route at 9:00 AM.

5/25 Decide-and-Ride

5/30 Tunnel and Grizzly

6/6 Mines Road

6/13 Zoo and Redwoods

6/20 Tiburon

6/27 Livermore/Altamont

7/4 3 Bears and Some Redwoods

7/11 Sonoma Picnic Ride

7/18 Lucas Valley

7/25 Wildwood-Moraga

8/1 Mt. Hamilton

8/8 Palomares

8/15 Marin Picnic Ride

8/22 Crockett Loop

8/29 Petaluma

9/5 Mt. Diablo

9/7 Decide and Ride

9/12 Calaveras

9/19 Fog City

9/26 Pacifica-Monterey

10/3 Happy Valley

10/10 Fairfax

10/17 Peninsula

10/24 Mt. Tam

10/31 Cosumnes