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PLEASE NOTE: Ride schedule and data subject to change during the season. Please check this page regularly for the most up-to-date ride information.

All times listed indicate departure ride location start (e.g. Lake Merritt, BART Station or away location specified).

For more information on ride classfications, visit the About Us page.


October 10 – BART

End of Season Celebration Ride

Light: 29.2 miles, 1,647 feet of climbing | Map
Light Riders gather 9:00 AM, depart at 9:20 AM

Humane: 40.8 miles, 3,407 feet of climbing | Map
Humane Riders gather 7:45 AM, depart at 8:00 AM sharp

Advanced Intermediate/Advanced: TBD (About 55 miles, 6,000 feet of climbing)
Advanced Intermediate/Advanced Riders gather 7:45 AM, depart at 8:00 AM sharp

Route Sheets will be distributed at the ride start.

All Riders Start: Ferry Building North Plaza, San Francisco
BART Station: Embarcadero | BART Trip Planner

All riders will start at the San Francisco Ferry Building and will ride to Paradise Beach County Park in Tiburon, arriving by 1 pm. Following a picnic (provided), riders will bicycle another 3 miles to the 3:00 PM Tiburon Ferry to return to San Francisco.

You can buy tickets ($11.50) on the Ferry or in advance online.

October 17 – AWAY


Light: 24.2 miles | Route Sheet | Interactive Map

HIA: 55.6 miles | Route Sheet | Interactive Map

START: Sir Francis Drake High School, San Anselmo

Meet: 8:45 AM

Ride Departs: 9:00 AM

This ride has it all! Ascents, fantastic descents, redwoods, reservoirs, a great bakery, a bike trail through a beautiful state park, (did I mention a great bakery?) and a ride through another state park with wonderful views of San Pablo Bay. The Lite riders get to experience most of this as well with a mellow ride of just 25 miles. The ride ends at the Marin Bicycle Coalition’s Biketoberfest in Fairfax. What’s not to like?

October 24 – LAKE/BART

Benicia/Two Bridges

Humane Intermediate: 68.2 miles | +3,674′
Advanced Intermediate / Advanced: 68.5 miles | +4,035′

Meet: 8:00 AM
Ride Departs: 8:20 AM

Light Riders start at Pleasant Hill BART

Light: Light: 40.5 miles | +1,574′

Meet: 8:45 AM
Ride Departs: 9:00 AM

October 31 – AWAY/BART

Mount Tamalpais

Humane: 33 miles | Route Sheet | Interactive Map
START: (H) –
Safeway, 1 Camino Alto Avenue, Mill Valley (IA)

Meet: 8:45 AM
Ride Departs: 9:00 AM

Intermediate/Advanced: 59.2 miles | Route Sheet | Interactive Map

Embarcadero at Bryant St, San Francisco

Nearest BART station: Embarcadero

Meet: 8:00 AM
Ride Departs: 8:20 AM

November 7 – AWAY


LHIA: 50.9 miles | Route Sheet | Interactive Map

START: Fishing Access parking lot, North Front Street at Rio Vista Bridge (Highway 12), Rio Vista

Meet: 8:45 AM
Ride Departs: 9:00 AM

Experience the California Delta. This is a scenic, flat ride through farm fields and historic towns, with four ferry rides, many drawbridge crossings, and a stop at the Cosumnes River Preserve, a great birding spot where migrating Sandhill Cranes stop during November.The possibility of seeing Sandhill Cranes is high, so all you ornithologists, bring your binoculars!