Cycling Library


The Essential Cyclist
Arnie Baker M. D.


Century Training Program
Marla Streb

Heart Zone Cycling
Sally Edwards & Sally Reed


Easy Biking in Northern California
Anne Marie Brown


Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance
Lennard Zinn

From the Peloton

Rough Ride
Paul Kimmage
Irish rider Paul Kimmage turned professional on the European circuit but soon became disillusioned, especially by the prevailing drug culture.

A Dog in a Hat
Joe Parkin
The essential truths you’ll learn about Belgian bike racing are timeless. And the self-effacing (and often hilarious) way Joe narrates the absurdity of these traditions will make you laugh out loud.

The Long Season: One Year of Bicycle Road Racing in California
Bruno Schill


Need for the Bike
Paul Fournel
A series of poetic meditations on why we crave to suffer on the bike, and why it brings us such sweet redemption.

French Revolutions
Tim Moore

Bobke II
Bob Roll
A journal from former racer and everyone’s favorite gonzo-commentator.

Bicycle Love: Stories of Passion, Joy, and Sweat
Garth Battista (ed.)
You’re not as crazy as they think you are.


It’s Not About the Bike
Lance Armstrong
It is about the bike—duh!

The Death of Marco Pantani
Matt Rendell

Put Me Back on My Bike: In Search of Tom Simpson
William Fotheringham
Tom Simpson’s death on Mont Ventoux in the 1967 Tour de France is seared into the memory of generations of cycling fans, especially British and French. This is a workmanlike account of Simpson’s life and death.


The Art of Bicycling
Justin Daniel Belmont (ed.)

Dancing on the Pedals, the Found Poetry of Phill Liggett
Phil Liggett & Doug Donaldson (ed.)

Coffee Table Books

Cycling’s Golden Age: Heroes of the Postwar Era, 1946-1967
Brett Horton, Shelly Horton & Owen Mulholland

Campagnolo, 75 years of Cycling Passion
Paolo Facchinetti

Tour de France/Tour de Force: A Visual History of the Worlds Greatest Bicycle Race
James Startt


Tour de France, The Historic 1978 Event
Robin Magowan

Bicycle: The History
David V. Herlihy


The Rider
Tim Krabbe
Krabbe’s classic covers one ride, the 150km Tour de Mont Aigoual in France. You don’t need to be a racer or even love racing to enjoy this short book.

The Yellow Jersey
Ralph Hurne


Bicycling and the Law
Bob Mionske
No more arguing about whether a bike has the same rights as a car. It’s all there in black and white.

The Quotable Cyclist
Bill Strickland (ed.)


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