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Better Know a Member

Midori Tabata

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Midori in Calistoga
Midori in Calistoga

Nickname: N/A
Group: Not Advanced
Year joined OYJ: 2002

Where are you from originally? L.A., although not born there
Where do you live now? Oakland
What's your profession? Unpaid worker
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Pope
What profession would you not like to do? President of U.S.

How and why did you take up cycling? My spin instructor said to take it outside.
What was your first bike? A single speed with coaster brakes for girls from Sears. It was blue.
What bike do you ride now? Marinoni and Giant


Al Joseph

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Al addresses the troops before Monterey 2009
Al Addresses the OYJ Troops Before Monterey 2009


Fred McWilliams

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If you don't know Fred, well, you really ought to. He is, after all, going to be the next president of the club.

Back when I was new to the OYJ, lo those many months ago, Fred was like my guardian angel. I flatted right at the end of the Lake Sonoma ride. I had just recently bought my bike. I think it was my second or third club ride. I had no idea what to do. Fred came along, whipped off the tire, replaced the tube and sent me on my way, all with the grace and good humor that we've come to expect from him (and in 100 degree heat no less). For that, I am forever grateful.

Now Fred comes through again, graciously agreeing to be first subject of the Better Know a Member series.

--Andrew Hecht, 15 September 2009

Riding Down Highway One Towards Santa Cruz
Fred Leads the OYJ Peleton Down Highway One
Towards Santa Cruz, Monterey 2008


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