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Cycling Skills Clinic

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After many fun filled years of presenting the bicycle handling skills clinic I have decided that is will be the last skills clinic I plan to teach. However, the skills clinic will continue with two new instructors using the same format. I'd like to thank the over 700 riders who have attended my version of the skills clinic. It has been wonderful to watch riders incorporate the many skills into their every day riding. Also, it’s been great to have the fabulous support from the Grizzly Peak Cycling Club for these many years.

I've decided to hand over the clinic to my two long term assistants Meredith Neilson and Hal Danielsen. Meredith is a USCF Expert Cycling Coach, ex-racer, triple-crown winner, etc. This is the same way I inherited the clinic many years ago. I was the assistant for 5 years before Ginny Wilkin, then the instructor, handed it over to me. I have full confidence that Meredith and Hall will offer a fine clinic.

Note: We will allow only 20 participants to attend so the first 20 to get me a check will get in and the others will have to wait till the next available clinic. There will not be a wait list and the clinic does fill up fast.

This is a notice to announce that the bicycle handling skills clinic will be conducted on Sunday June 13th. The start time is 9 AM and the location is Miller-Knox Regional Park in Point Richmond. All skills, well most of them, will be immediately applicable to your everyday riding.

We cover many skills in the 5 hours it takes to finish the clinic. I feel it is important to note that no one is asked to do anything they do not feel comfortable doing. However, you will be given the necessary tools/instruction to perform the given tasks safely. We do not pressure anyone to attempt to do anything which makes them uncomfortable.

Some of the skills covered include how to ride with one hand and no hands while riding a straight line. Pedaling techniques that will help you climb as well as emergency braking; avoidance maneuvers will be taught along with how to protect yourself in case of incidental contact with another rider. We also cover two types of cornering techniques, one for fast descents and one for icky conditions.

I've been riding for over 30 years and during that time I have completed numerous centuries, a few double centuries, and many week long tours (both fully loaded and credit card types). Also, I raced for 7 years and I am a licensed USCF Expert Coach as well as an ACE certified personal trainer. I’ve been conducting their clinics for various clubs/groups for over11 years. There will be a $50 fee per person.


Miller-Knox Park is located on Doman Dr. in Point Richmond. To get there from Hwy. 24 follow signs for Hwy. 580 once you are through the tunnel. Take the Canal Exit off 580 (just before the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge).

At the end of the exit Turn Left.

Then Turn Right onto W. Cutting Blvd.

Turn Left onto S.Garrard Blvd.

Go through the Ferry Point Tunnel and the street name changes to Dornan Dr .

The Clinic will be in a closed to traffic parking lot about ½-mile on your right.

If you are coming from Hwy 4 then get onto Hwy 80 going towards San Francisco. Take the Cutting Blvd. Exit. Turn Right at the end of the exit and drive a few miles then turn Left onto S. Garrard Blvd and follow the direction above. I recommend you look at a map before leaving home. Use 900 Dornan Dr. Point Richmond for map quest.

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