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Cycling Sonoma

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Of course we know from our Petaluma and Lake Sonoma rides that riding the hills and vineyards of Sonoma is hard to beat. And anyone who has ridden King's Ride/Meyer's Grade can attest that it is likely the most beautiful (if not the toughest) ride in California and perhaps the entire country.

Here's a story from the Press Democrat about the rise of cycling in Sonoma:

How Sonoma County became hotbed of the cycling world

...How Santa Rosa and Sonoma County rose to such prominence might seem to the uninitiated as a meteorite arriving out of nowhere, and there's some validity to that as the sport does not have the national cachet of football, basketball or baseball. Even so, the hills and forests and ocean vistas and sweeping panoramas weren't discovered in the last year or two. Nor have bicycles arrived at about the same time as Twitter. For that matter, the urge to compete is hardly a recent phenomenon...

Oddly enough, the subtitle of the article says "With no dramatic event or charismatic hero, Santa Rosa has become sport's epicenter" and then it goes on to detail the Tour of California, a staple in Sonoma, and Levi Leipheimer move's to Santa Rosa. No offense meant, I suppose.

Despite that, the article makes for interesting reading. Always good to see cycling covered in the media in a positive way.


San Gregorio General Store

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The San Gregorio General Store has to be one of the few general stores in the country with it's own website. And it's most certainly the only with its own website and live music.

Back in mid 1800s when San Gregorio was a major stop on the stagecoach route from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, the place included a 10-room hotel that catered to road-weary travelers. There was a couple of saloons, a Chinese laundry. Even a cheese factory. The building still stands but is no longer a functioning hotel. However, the original stagecoach stop stands across Highway 84 from the store. More info here and here, if you're interested.

Nowadays, the general store is a rest stop on both the Advanced and Intermediate Peninsula rides. So if OYRers get there between 11 and 1, they'll be treated to some live music from the Montara Mountain Boys.

Rumor has it that despite the prominent bike rack outside, the proprietors don't actually like cyclists. Use clip covers if you have them. Take off your shoes and leave them out front per the sign by the door.


The (Little Red) Bike Hut

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The Little Red Bike Hut

Down in San Mateo County at the foot of the formidable Tunitas Creek Climb, there's a little hut just for cyclists. Husband and wife Bill and Christine acquired a farm on Tunitas Creek and they're converting it into a non-profit dedicated to the food justice movement.

On this farm, they've transformed a one car garage into "The Bike Hut". The small store offers cheap ($.25) water bottle fill ups and features organic/vegan energy snacks and drinks. There's even a couch inside to crash on (but no bathrooms as of yet). Pretty cool.

Here's the blurb from their website:

We have a one-car-garage-sized building right on Tunitas Creek Road which is now named The Bike Hut. Since this road is so popular with bicyclists, we wanted to provide them a rest stop. The Bike Hut will be open at all times on an honor-system basis. We'll provide organic teas and fair-trade coffees as well as homemade drinks and sweet and savory snacks. There's a small picnic area and you can refill your water bottle for only 25ยข.

You can't miss The Bike Hut - it's bright red and a great place to take a pause before starting the ascent up Tunitas Creek Road to Skyline Blvd or having just ridden downhill.

If you're doing the Advanced or Intermediate routes on the OYJ Peninsula ride this weekend, you'll get a chance to cool your heels at the hut before making the ascent up Tunitas to Skyline.


Rapha Gentleman's Race


This is a beautifully produced video from the Rapha Gentleman's Race that took place in Oregon last month.

They used two cameras - Camera A was Canon XH-A1, SGpro, Nikon lenses and camera B was HVX and Letus adapter with Nikon glass too. Both the editing and the music are wicked. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Details about the Rapha Gentleman's Race are here.


Yes, But Can It Climb Pinehurst?

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The Yike Bike is a new electric cycle from New Zealand. Could it revolutionize commuting the way the Segway has? Only time will tell.

Read more about the Yike Bike on the official site


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