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Dublin Grade

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Newbie Corner with Michael Jacob

For light riders, this is the most often first route this season that has a climb that merits being called a climb. Dublin Grade is not a difficult climb... not very steep and not extremely long. Mostly a fairly gentle slope to the top of the grade followed by a nice descent and a last few miles to a BART. Maybe the most challenging piece is getting there in the first place. East Castro Valley Blvd has some steep little sections just before you get to Dublin Grade, and before that, you have to beware of traffic on that busy street.

Map of the Dublin Grade route

For others the steepest climb is Fairmount, which you may be familiar with if you did Lake Chabot.

The Peets on Railroad Ave at about mile 40 is not indicated as a rest stop, but it is an unofficial favorite of OYJ'ers and other cyclists throughout the area. In a small plaza that also includes a bike shop and a sandwich shop, on a nice day you'll find the plaza overflowing with cyclists, including OYJers, having a cup, a pastry, a sandwich.

For Humanes going to Walnut Creek BART—if you haven't done that before—the last section of the route can be tricky—several little turns and direction changes. First time best to stay with someone who knows, or keep the route sheet handy.

For stronger riders peddling back to Oakland, you'll get a taste of the Lafayette-Moraga trail, a scenic, green, paved bikeway and pedestrian route that does a slow climb to Moraga before you to the Pinehurst climb back to town.


The Oyster Bay Alternative to Doolittle

I'm one of those Humanes who prefers to take a pleasant detour along a more scenic Bay Trail route through Oyster Bay and the San Leandro Marina. It is a mile longer in getting to the Dublin Grade, but it's more pleasant, has fewer city streets and less traffic, and it avoids the Fairmount climb, which is not my favorite. Let me know you'd like a route sheet and I'll send you one.
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