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Lake Chabot

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Newbie Corner with Michael Jacob Dan and Kyle on Lake Chabot Road

For Light riders, Lake Chabot is really "out to San Leandro and back... almost all flat." For everyone else, there's some climbing—more for the more advanced.

All groups take off from the lake and retrace the first part of the kick-off ride through Alameda and along the bike trail at Bay Farm island.

After a regroup at Doolittle Dr. and Harbor Bay Parkway, the route takes you southeast, past the airport, until you wind around and up through San Leandro city streets to the famous Union gas station at mile 16—famous for no other reason than being a frequently used OYJ rest stop.

Light Riders

At this point, there has been virtually no climbing. If you're a Light rider, you would then head back to the lake along a flat route along Bankcroft Avenue through San Leandro to Oakland and along more flat streets to the lake.

Humanes, Intermediate, and Advanced

If you're in the other groups, you'd immediately start a climb of Fairmount, not a big climb—but a little steep in places. About 1 1/2 miles with about 500 feet of climbing, an average of about 6% grade, for those who care.

Coming down the other side of Fairmount, Humanes will take a left and go over Lake Chabot Road—a scenic treat and not a hard climb at all, as you enjoy the lake view on the right. You come down into the San Leandro flats and soon are tracing the same flat route back to the lake that the light riders used.

Intermediate and Advanced

For the Intermedidates and Advanced, there's somewhat more serious climbing involved. You don't turn on Lake Chabot, but continue straight down until you negotiate a steep little ridge that tops at Proctor School before descending down to Redwood Road.

Redwood Road is mostly climbing, with a couple of nice descents for the next 12 miles—not steep except in spots, but a fair amount of climbing with the descents added in. You'll do about 1300+ feet of climbing and 700+ feet of descending on Redwood Road.

Redwood can be beautiful at this time of year. Very green, very much outdoors and very little city all the way, as you are peddling through Lake Chabot Regional Park until you do your final, serious little 2-mile climb up Redwood through beautiful redwoods, oaks, and other greenery and bloom to Skyline Blvd.

At Skyline Blvd you'll a little steep climbing before descending Joaquin Miller. Make sure your brakes are in good shape before you do that one ... and then you'll come down the standard Park Blvd/Trestle Glen route back to the lake.

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