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Reading Routes

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Map of the top of Pinehurst

I'm one of those cyclists who really likes to know what to expect. For example, I don't like to come to what I thought was the final few miles of ride and find out there's still a huge climb to do... I like to know what's coming.

It really helped me to learn to read bike maps and learn about routes before I rode them.

Fortunately, in these days of higher tech, bike maps are easier to read, and the OYJ provides a really good one for just about every ride.

You can go to the Ride Calendar click the ride-of-the-week on the OYJ main page, or visit the Route Maps page to navigate to the map you want.


Laney College Pool Water Exercise

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Check out the at the new laney outdoor heated pool, class taught by me, Lynn Coles, from the Yellowjackets

Classes start this Monday, June 18-July 25
6 weeks, only $44.00, @ $4.33 per session, MW 9:30-10:30

Lot's of fun w/ great music.

Hope to see ya'!


  • COURSE: PE 803 fee-based $44.00, 6 WEEK SESSION, around $4.33 PER CLASS


To sign up for the classes, contact Lynn at (510) 464-3480 x1

Davis Double Ride Report

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Davis Double Ride Report

I have done Davis Double once before and the experience was miserable. Beyond hot. Too hot. Felt horrid at the end- heat exhaustion-hot. Spent the day pulling over to the side of the road to cool down under trees, trying not to fry my brain- hot. Until yesterday, I haven't done it since and I was not going to start this year's ride if temps were predicted above 100, but the predictions were for mildly hot conditions, so I did it.

My facebook staus for the ride was: "Cardiac was lovely, Honey was ok, Cobb was hard, and Resurrection was soul-sapping. I think that the Davis Double is worth doing just for the joy of reaching the rest stop at the top of Resurrection." Reaching the top of Resurrection is such a fabulous feeling. I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy for having reached it. The joy was probably mostly from the relief of the pain from climbing resurrection. Resurrection is just a harsh climb. It is hot and exposed and a slightly miserable experience. Yesterday wasn't too hot and we had a occasional cooling breeze, which really should have made for nice conditions. However, Resurrection is still hard, even when it really isn't overly hot. I think that the expanse of open wide road road, being on a highway, makes the grade appear less than it is. I can still feel the grade in my legs and the hot sun on my back, even with the occasional cooling breeze.


2012 Tour de Cure

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Tour de Cure 2012

The ride was, well, challenging (see below), but, as always, it was a great experience and I'm happy to be a part of such a worthwhile event.

The results (so far..)

Team Bio-Rad (my team) and the Napa Valley Tour de Cure event will likely have another record year this year! Team Bio-Rad just surpassed $65,000 this morning (most ever at this point) and the Tour just over $1.218 million! And the money is still coming in.! The Tour de Cure web site for our tour and Team Bio-Rad will remain open at least until the end of this month.

Bio-Rad Top 15

Bio-Rad had the largest team (191 riders registered) and so far raised the most money of over 200 teams in the event. We also had the largest number of volunteers doing a fantastic job!

Here is the list of my team's top 15 fund raisers. Thanks so much to everyone who donated to the cause!

  1. Lupe Leon - $2,000
  2. Sarah Paul - $1,930
  3. Tim Washburn - $1,425
  4. Dory Willer - $1,415
  5. Vipul Patel - $1,400
  6. Bryan Malone - $1,375
  7. Linda Sanz - $1,341
  8. Regina Goldade - $1,150
  9. Nick Erndt - $1,150
  10. Toni Link - $1,070
  11. Stacey Abidayo - $1.070
  12. Bennett Berke - $1,060
  13. Jeff Willer - $840
  14. Andrew Hecht - $820
  15. Paul Chamberlain - $805

The Ride

The 2012 Tour de Cure was by far the toughest of the four I've done. The heat and the wind beat me relentlessly. I wanted to quit several times along the way, but I persevered and finished the 100 mile ride for the 4th time. Here's how it went down:

I rode up to Napa with Frank from the OYJ. I was psyched to him have along. He's a great guy and, well, a bit heavier than me, so he's got the right sized body to block the wind.

We wanted to hit the route when it opened at 6:45, but we had a late start and the crush of riders made it difficult to check-in. There were 2500 people participating in this event and most of them seemed to be in line ahead of us. Lucky for me, Bio-Rad is the main sponsor, so when this woman came by asking if anyone was on Team Bio-Rad, I said ,"right here" and off we went to check in and get our numbers. We managed to get out on the road around 7:15. Not bad. But not good enough, as it turns out.


Biking Through Black History

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Biking along the Underground Railroad route.

"WPXI-TV the NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh produced 'Biking Through Black History,' a 30-minute Black History Month special highlighting the creation of the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route (UGRR). This route was realized through an innovative partnership between Adventure Cycling Association and University of Pittsburgh's Center for Minority Health."

More details, including a map of the route, on the Adventure Cycling.

Here's segment one:

You can see all segments by clicking on the "Read More" button.


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